New year new you (the late edition)

Buenos días lovies,

Well it’s the new year and I really hope you and yours have a bright and prosperous one. So on to other news I believe it is time that I revamp my style. Considering that I am both 18 and in university I decided to change my drab, style-less, pauper wardrobe into a bright, high fashion, colourful but still costs hat of a pauper wardrobe.

Here I’ll start off with outfits that anyone can pull off and wouldn’t kill your bank account. 

Outfit #1

I really like this outfit for several reasons (i.e. these are the reasons that I made it so) When you’re on campus you need to move around a lot hence the loafers. I always wanted a cotton denim shirt and a circle skirt also adds to the comfort while it looks rather nicely put together. Finally a good but pretty backpack. Why? Because you need something strong and cute to hold that dumb book that you spent almost all of your money on to purchase but only need for one semester.

Outfit #2

Honestly this is my preppy pastel self (in college form). Pastel, soft colours, comfortable jeans and flats. Thats about all that’s needed for this particular look and I do believe I will be attempting that backpack sooner or later. And although the backpack may not be functional with a 6 pound text book on your back, it’s still cute to go out friends in.

Outfit #3

Well the title’s self explanatory, it’s my cool cat kit. Black and white, sneakers, dark jeans, band tee, awesome shades. I actually love this look for when you have one of those, “I don’t want to speak to anyone” days because it somewhat gives you a ‘celebrity’ look when you walk.

Well that’s all for now.

Happy new years my loves and stay strong.

Kiss Kiss.


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