So, I’ve been hunting through tumblr and other websites for fashion related posts and here’s my finds.

Starting with some fashion inspiration

Fashion Inspiration

Fashion tips from Mr. Michael Kors

Some closet basics

Now lets move on to some DIY

Accessories and a bit of necessary knowledge

Necklaces I really like her work + she does a lot of statement pieces so tone down your dressing when wearing some, k

Flower Crown?

Another Flower Crown because it’s cute

Learn Embroidery (Because it’s a good skill to have)

Homemade glitter because we all need some glitter in our lives even though it’s cheap maybe some day you need and don’t have available to you.

Fabric Painting

Make Up – This is contouring


Adorable Apron

How about some clothes now

Burlesque Bustle Skirt

Two Tone Tartan Skirt

Medina Mini-Kaftan

Couture Inspired Dress

Mendocino Sundress

Adorable Mini Bloomers


Little Extra’s that I want to add in

THE SQUID, because, don’t you just really want a squid plushie???



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